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I'm a radio host, speaker and business strategist in the new paradigm of women, money, mothering and business. I have a proven ability to create leveraged brands, products and services that generate “whole”istic wealth for women: supporting their independence, flexibility and freedom.

I honed my sales and marketing skills and financial expertise over the course of a 12-year career in the investment management industry, where I managed a $100 million territory for a major investment management firm.

My presentations on women and investing laid the groundwork for what eventually became Wise Workshops and my personal mission to ensure that women are in charge of their own money, their own time and the decisions that they make regarding their nutrition and health. I am passionate about giving mothers the tools they need to parent purposefully and feel fulfilled and confident with their choices. I teach women to create a framework for success which gives them the power and freedom to live well and to stop living vicariously through others.

Today, I inspire tens of thousands of women each week through my website, blog and radio show, “A Woman’s Worth.” I inspire women to find fulfillment and gratification, while happily embracing an authentic, honest and real approach to the challenges that all of us face.

I graduated with degrees in Psychology and Performing Arts from Washington University in St. Louis. I love to teach women to get their groove on through dance and I'm a certified fitness trainer. I live on the beautiful Seacoast of New Hampshire with my husband, Michael and her young children, Myles and Charlotte.


The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

So the very quick version of WISE is that I used to work in investment management. I really did not like my work so much... and after I had two children in 18 months, I wasn't even good at my work anymore. But, I was making significant money and the truth was, that quitting was not an option, at least from my hubbie, Michael's, point of view. So, I got fired.

And I thought I was done. I had my two babes at home. I started teaching an aerobics class (yes, I went from six-figures to $12/hour... two hours a week), and I THOUGHT that this was the answer to all of my problems. I could DVR all of the TV I wanted and watch all of it! I taught myself to crochet! I watched my kids play!

I was bored out of my mind. In hindsight, I'm quite sure I was depressed, not that anyone would have known. We women hide our truths so well.

So, with my happy-face on, I started to think that I might want to do something, that it might not be such a wise (or fair) decision to place the financial future of our family squarely on Michael's shoulders, that my four years of a world-class education and all my licensing and training as an investment professional should not lead to an obsession with Gray's Anatomy, and that toting toddlers around was a cop-out.

In a moment of inspiration, WISE was born. I figured I could take my love of all things financial and my love of teaching women to shake their booties and do things they never believed into a very cool business.

Before I had any clue about how this business might actually work, I knew the name.

Wisdom. Inspiration. Support. Empowerment... WISE.

When I go back and visit myself at that time (and boy has this adventure changed me), I see that those are the qualities I so needed to incorporate in my life... that I was actually desperate for. I'd made decisions on whims, and out of ego, not wisdom. And I was not feeling inspired by where those decisions got me. I was not connected to a broader community and was actually quite isolated with young children and a travelling husband. I most certainly had become disempowered. I gave up my expertise, my earning potential, and any belief that I served a greater role in the world other than wiping snotty noses.

Well, here we are two years later. I've taken risks. I've been brave. I've been blessed to have a husband who let me run with this crazy idea and has been truly supportive of a business that cost more money than it made for quite some time!

I can't give you those words above. I'm just a mom in Dover, NH, who knows a thing or two about finances, who holds a vision for women to love their lives AND make a difference. I can't teach you anything you can't learn a million other places. I can't ra ra you to feel inspired to LOVE your life every day. I can't watch your kids or cook you dinner (well, I can do that for a few of you ;-)) or build your business for you. Only you can create those things. Empowerment is such a personal thing.

But I can hold the space. I can create a community. I can share voices that will change your life. Because you ALREADY are:

Worthy. Inspired. Supported.

And most importantly... Engaged.

What I want you to understand is how money is tied to each of these core principles, so I'll be sharing ideas with you over the next several weeks.

And over the next year, you'll get to participate in some incredible events that are attached to these ideals: Feed, Play, LOVE! Parenting with Purpose; WISE Workshops, lead by best-selling authors and top-notch coaches.... And all of it with ways to play at little to no cost to you.

We're going to rock. 

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