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You can create whatever it is that you want in your life, as long as you're willing to continue to learn and grow to get there. Success begins with the pursuit of your personal goals ...

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You can always find me at: WendyKayLifeCoach.com

My Passion is served as a nationally practicing Life Strategy Coach, Author, Inspirational Motivator and Co-Publisher of the forthcoming App & Magazine, ACCESS Clarity (Coming 3/2014). I have enjoyed over 25 years of research and participation in an array of personal development programs/techniques and spiritual actualization practices, and have compiled a huge 'toolbox' and created an unbelievabley large network of wonderful colleagues and partnerships.

I currently offer services as a Life Strategy Coach, including Group Coaching services Exclusively for Women, to assist others in reaching their goals and to find more success in their own lives. My book is: Mastering the Art of Feeling Good, an inspirational practical-guidance/how-to for enriching one’s life by learning how to feel good at will - Now, and for a lifetime!

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Having gone through many of life’s challenges myself, and eventually conquering every single one of them, I've found it my passion and purpose to help and encourage others to find a way through their own challenges. Knowing where to find strength and courage in myself, I know that everyone possesses these very same capabilities. I believe that those who are willing to find strength, courage, and their own way, always do; and they are the ones that find out how amazing they really are, as well as the world around them. Being a philosopher of life, I see that anyone can live a life of peace filled with joy and many happy moments, and they can start whenever they choose.

From witnessing decades of an unfolding in myself and others, I've realized that so many still remain without direction, or are too afraid to do anything different - even though it continues to cause them unhappiness. In my work and writings, I hope to promote self-actualization in an inspiring and practical manner, with the purpose of encouraging you to choose to experience the beauty that is your life - by just being open to it.

I invite you to enjoy regular insight and inspiration by visiting my Blog and "Like" my Wendy Kay Coach page on Facebook.

A personal note from Me to You...

I see the beauty in the world now, as I have also seen the world through bleak eyes. I see the beauty in you and I see the divinity that threads through us all making us one. As one, I must share what I see with as many as I can, or would find it to be self-defeating. Today, I know that what we each see is a choice. My work now is to let you know that I love you and that I see you are perfect at your core, and I celebrate you. I want you to know that you are wonderful, amazing, and capable of all of your dreams; any pursuit you choose that feels right, is sure to be your purpose and a contribution in and to the world. And finally, I want to assure you that if you need help, it is everywhere around you, and in you; but you must seek it, fore you will not recognize it until you do.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Life Coaching has been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever done, and do, in my life. I have the honor of people sharing themselves with me in this way and allowing me to assist them into bringing their own personal greatness further into their awareness and to cultivate it into avenues of living their lives more successfully.

It’s so great to witness and be a part of this actualization and achievement. To watch a person reaching their potential in some way and blossom, and to see them achieve exactly what they want, is exhilarating and mutually satisfying. I enjoy offering the questions to clients that promote discovery and critical thought, the support and encouragement they may not find anywhere else. I help them to stay focused on being accountable to themselves for what they really want, which is very empowering.

My clients are typically successful people in areas of their lives, but have now found that they need coaching to transition, transform, or break through barriers into the next phase where they have determined a desire for something new, or more of, in their own life experience. I’ve helped in career changes/advancement, business development, finding life purpose, inner peace, spiritual expansion, making more time, improving relationships, health/fitness goals, etc.

If you look up the meaning of life, it is everything to each of us. We only have one that we’re working with right now. So whatever desire you come to me with, my job is to confirm that that’s exactly what you want (or help discover what is), and then move forward with you to create that in your life, removing the blocks as we go.

I think everyone would benefit from the use of a Life Coach at some point or other. Find out more about my Life Coaching Services. Sign up for my periodic Newlsetter.

Success Stories

I Didn't Even Know What Direction To Go, But Now I Do!

Tanisha B., Chicago, IL

"I'm so glad that my friend recommended you as a coach after reading your book, Wendy. You've helped me to regain direction in my life by redefining what's important to me. I didn't even know what direction to go, but now I do! Getting back to who I really am has helped me find my direction in life and in love. Thank you for your compassion and understanding - and thank you for taking the journey with me!"

Changed Career Path...I Was Able to Realize My Own Life's Purpose

Nikki M., CO

“Life Coaching with Wendy Kay led me to preview my future, and not dwell in the past. With the tools I gained, I changed my career path along with certain attributes of my personal life. By examining the different facets of my mind, body and soul, I was able to realize my own life’s purpose and start my journey toward those goals.”


I'm Creating Success in My Own Life!

Tammy M., WI

“Wendy’s experience and knowledge is a solid support as she guides me towards my own success. She helps me transform my ideas into reality. I am no longer just thinking about what I want to create, I am creating success in my own life! Thank you Wendy!”


Main SpecialtyEmpowering Women
Holistic Coach
Life Management
Life Transitions
CredentialsBS, CPC
Time in Practice6-10 years
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseCareer Coach
Health Coach
Life Coach
Personal Development Coach
Relationship Coach
Wellness Coach
I offer my servicesTelephone
By Email
Via Skype
I am fluent inEnglish
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