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Christine Baumgartner, Dating Coach

Christine Baumgartner - Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Family Coach, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Organization, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter - Mission Viejo, CA

Dating Coach

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I Believe

I believe everyone wants to love and be loved. And if the love you desire and deserve isn't currently in your life, then together we will turn the “work” of love ...

About Me

Are you frustrated with your dating life? Do you find yourself saying one or more of the following:

  • "I can't figure out where to meet interesting people."
  • "I'd like more dates (or more second dates)."
  • "I've been dating awhile and still not meeting the right person."
  • "I'm newly single and don't know where to find people to date."
  • "I want a long term relationship, but instead I'm ending up with many short term relationships (with people who aren't willing to commit)."
  • "I'm tired of having first dates that don't lead to second dates because the first date was so wrong."

If you're ready to attract a loving, committed relationship and to look into what's keeping that love away – then I'm the coaching partner for you.

I offer complimentary coaching calls for potential clients. I'd love to talk to you about your dating challenges and together come up with solutions. Your first step is to fill out my form What's Holding You Back From Love and then, let's talk.

My coaching business was inspired by my own dating experience. For the 20 years between my two marriages I dated every type of person and experienced every type of situation imaginable, so wherever you are in your dating process – I will definitely understand.

My coaching methods got their start during my years of online dating. I found that even though (I thought) I had clearly filled out my profile, the men who showed up were missing some of the important traits and qualities I wanted. Eventually, I figured out that the one constant at each date was me so possibly I was the one attracting these "wrong-for-me" dates. So, I created a process that allowed me to change the outcome. As a result, I began attracting the men I did want to date which ultimately led me to the man of my dreams in 2005. We married in 2007. When I told other singles about my success, they wanted to know more about the system I'd created, and this led to the creation of my business, The Perfect Catch. You can hear more about my dating experience and coaching methods through my various radio interviews.

So, you'll find through our work together, you'll learn to attract that special someone you want to meet. You'll clarify what you want and need from a partner in a way that will have you attracting only those dates who are interesting and fun to go out with. You'll learn what's been keeping you from attracting the right type of people so you'll no longer waste time going out with the wrong type of people.

One of my greatest accomplishments is to take my life lessons and use them to make my personal life and the lives of others happier and more fulfilling.

I look forward to working with you to attract the loving and committed relationship you desire and deserve.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I discovered my passion for coaching while working as a wedding planner.

For over 25 years, I helped countless men and women prepare for one of the most emotional and stressful situations of their life — their wedding. I personally witnessed the benefits of people meeting and marrying their "perfect catch" and the huge challenges that arise when they don't.

This inspired me to transition my skills to focus on what happens BEFORE the marriage.

As an Relationship Coach I had the pleasure of helping hundreds of individuals and couples successfully through their dating/relationship process. Then, I branched out and started my own coaching practice over five years ago.

I am (and always have been) captivated by the stories of others. I follow client conversations with my heart and my mind, and then add my experience and training to the mix. It's a great combination. My coaching clients begin to see changes in their lives. They find out how to set intentions. They start experiencing dating and relationship success.

Looking forward to talking to you soon,


Success Stories

I'm Engaged!!!

I was so frustrated with my man... ready to toss in the towel. He seemed to be so self-centered and oblivious. I had a huge list of everything wrong with him...and then I talked with Christine Baumgartner. I tried her methods without much hope.

Boy was I surprised!!

I learned how to communicate my needs in a way that he could understand, how to show him my appreciation, how to "course correct" by appreciating him 10 times before I commented on any fault. 

The results were astounding. Now, a year later, he has asked me to marry him, and I have accepted. Our relationship has been fabulous and it keeps getting better!

Christine, I owe you so much. Thank you for everything!

                            -M.D. Florida

Feeling confident about dating now

"I’ve had several consultations with Christine now and can’t get over her wisdom and ability to get to the heart of the matter. I’ve had to answer tough questions about who I am and what I want. Normally, this would seem daunting but Christine is so genuinely warm, caring and willing to go there with you that I look forward to our sessions." ~ Jane

Understanding what makes men and women tick

"Christine has an amazing insight into what makes men and women tick, and relationships work (or not work!). She works with me on my level, and intuitively understands where I am in my relationship world. Her ideas are easy to understand and implement for big impact." ~ Laurie

New ways of communicating

"Thanks for the conversations, tips and insights... I have lots of notes to go through and am excited to learn the new way of communicating and enjoying the fruits of it. I love this trip of self and relationship discovery and feel lucky to have you on my side." ~ B

Main SpecialtyDating/Being Single Support
Life Transitions
Time in Practice6-10 years
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseDivorce Coach
Divorce Recovery Coach
Family Coach
Life Coach
Marriage/Couples Counselor
Personal Development Coach
Relationship Coach
Sex Coach
Sex Educator
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
Via Skype
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I am fluent inEnglish
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