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Is Technology Splitting Your Marriage Apart?

Technology: it's wonderful but has certainly complicated the world of human interaction in unforeseen ways. Do you remember the episode of Sex and the City when Berger breaks up with Carrie on a Post-It note? That's dated. Today, the episode would most likely show him leaving the message in a text, on ...

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New Partner? What To Consider Before You Have Sex

Not to take away from the magic of that first kiss, but let's talk about what's really going on in the beginning of a new relationship. Before deep love has time to take root, we experience strong infatuation — and it's taking place at the neuro-chemical level. Two central chemicals are at ...

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3 Steps To Overcome Sex Addiction

This intriguing trifecta – sex, food and money, are three of the most sought-after pleasures life has to offer. Yet, we’ve all suffered the extremes of having too much of a good thing – when longing becomes lust and increasing stress and anxiety are the result of obsession. There are ...

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Are You Afraid To Strike Out?

My son plays travel baseball. As a result, I found myself, as I do many a weekend, spending countless hours on bleachers the past few days. At one point, as the other team slipped ahead by several runs, I noticed that the coaches and supportive parents yelled things like, "Get into the game!" and ...

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3 Secrets to a Long, Happy Marriage

“Couple Celebrates 80 Years of Marriage!” Just a sensational headline? Incredibly, no! The latest in a number of marriages highlighted in the news over the past year tell the remarkable story of Mitchell and Mattie Atkins of West Philadelphia. Married on January 14th, 1930, they were honored ...

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Mary Kay Cocharo

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Articles by Mary Kay Cocharo
Sexting, Technology & Marriage Challenges

Is Technology Splitting Your Marriage Apart?

Are new developments in technology driving a wedge between you and your partner?

Sex Coach Advice: Questions To Ask Before Having Sex

New Partner? What To Consider Before You Have Sex

Don't want to have sex with the wrong person? Ask these questions first!


3 Steps To Overcome Sex Addiction

Develop respect for yourself while maintaining a healthy sexual relationship!

baseball girl

Are You Afraid To Strike Out?

It's National Singles Week! There's no better time to get back in the dating game!


3 Secrets to a Long, Happy Marriage

Couple celebrates 80 years of marriage. What's their secret?

Mary Kay Cocharo

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