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Healing Your Aloneness: Finding Love and Wholeness Through Your Inner Child

by Margaret Paul

Erika Chopich and Margaret Paul show how anyone can reconnect with his or her Inner Child to short-circuit self-destructive patterns, resolve fears and conflicts, and build satisfying relationships. Healing Your Aloneness outlines a self-healing process that can be used every day to restore a nurturing balance between loving Adult and loved Inner Child.

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Healing Your Aloneness Workbook

by Erika J. Chopich

This book teaches a profound six-step process for connecting with your essence and your personal spiritual guidance, and for healing the fears and false beliefs that keep you limited. This is an exceptional process for healing the aloneness and filling the emptiness that leads to addictive behavior. Practicing this process results in personal empowerment and ...

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Inner Bonding: Becoming a Loving Adult to Your Inner Child

by Margaret Paul

Inner bonding is the process of connecting our adult thoughts with our instinctual, gut feelings—the feelings of the "inner child"—so that we can minimize painful conflict within ourselves. Free of inner conflict, we feel peaceful, open to joy, and open to giving and receiving love.Margaret Paul, coauthor of Healing Your Aloneness, explores how abandonment of the ...

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Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You: Second Edition

by Jordan Paul Ph.D.

Arguing with your spouse about the checkbook? The in-laws? Kids' schedules? Couples think they fight about money, family issues, and time. But what are these conflicts really about? Family therapists Jordan Paul and Margaret Paul reveal how couple discord is often rooted in self-protection. Here, in their best-selling book, they help couples work through fears and ...

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Articles by Dr. Margaret Paul
Cocktail Lady

How Far Am I In The Narcissism World?

Discovering where you fall on the narcissistic continuum can lead to deeper learning and healing.

Problems In The Bedroom

Using Your Inner Strengths To Become More Intimate

Have you wondered why you may be having a hard time connecting with others?


Relationships: When to Talk, When to Act

Do you know when to communicate with your partner about a problem & when to just solve it yourself?

Computer Problems

Stop Escalating Conflict!

Do you get into fights that turn ugly as the conflict escalates? Discover how to stop doing this.


"You're Not Meeting My Needs"

Do you believe that it is your responsibility to meet your partner's needs rather than your own?

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Dr. Margaret Paul

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