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How To Identify A Cheater

Let's face it, men cheat! Well, some of them anyway. And according to the numerous studies available, it's more than a handful. In fact, according to some recent studies approximately 60 percent of men will cheat on their spouses. Now, it's not my ...

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The Top 5 Places To Meet a Good Man

Have you ever uttered one of the following questions: Where do I go to meet a good man? How do I get a guy to fall in love with me? If you have you’re not alone. These two questions are hands down the two most common questions I hear from single women. The good news is that according to the ...

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Top 3 Signs That Reveal A Guy Is Emotionally Available

Have you ever been in involved with a guy you thought was "the one"? In the beginning, and even for the first few months everyhting was great...or so you thought. Then all of a sudden, the sun burst and the happiness facade soon dissipated into the ethers. And once the dust settled and you took ...

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3 Signs You're Dating A Caveman

For thousands of years, guys have been blaming their Neanderthal, hedonistic behavior on their genetics. They say the way they think and act is not their fault, and it's all predetermined because of the seeds of their forefathers. They rationalize their behavior by relating it to the role of the caveman back ...

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5 Body Parts You Hate (But Your Husband Loves!)

Have you ever walked by a mirror, caught a glimpse of your reflection and thought, Yikes?! Or, do you frequently stand in front of the mirror focusing intently on one or two parts of your body you absolutely hate? Well, there's an expression that says, "your perception is your reality," and ...

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sneaky asian

How To Identify A Cheater

Three signs he won't be faithful to you … or anyone else.


The Top 5 Places To Meet a Good Man

Good guys are out there. Knowing where to go to find one is one of the keys to your dating success.

Top 3 Signs That Reveal A Guy Is Emotionally Available

The signs that a guy is relationship material are right in front of you, all you have to do is look.

caveman and cavewoman

3 Signs You're Dating A Caveman

Guys who never evolve are stuck in the Stone Age.

hips tummy sweats

5 Body Parts You Hate (But Your Husband Loves!)

Do you waste time feeling badly about so-called problem areas that he finds sexy?

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