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Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?

LIFE LESSONS from THE VOICE Auditions The balls of my feet felt like they were on fire after mostly standing in line for almost 6 hours waiting for my turn to sing at The Voice Auditions in New York City. My spouse, Christine, and I arrived at the site an hour before the scheduled time in my pass. I did ...

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Do You Love Me Enough To Wipe My Ass?

I DARE YOU. Look at who you think loves you the deepest, hold their hands, look at them straight in the eye, and ask them, “Do you love me enough to wipe my ass?” I could guarantee you that this is one moment in your life you will never forget. First of all, it is a freaking mortifying, if not ...

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Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?

Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?

Curious what happens when you audition for The Voice? This ballsy 51 yr old shares her inside scoop!

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