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Dr Elvira Aletta

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Marriage/Couples Counselor



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Expiration 3/31/14
Number 9478-1

Articles by Dr Elvira Aletta
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5 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Why do we take him back more times than is good for our self-worth? How can we finally tell him no?

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Depressed? Take a good hard look at how your lover, friend, boss, is treating you.

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An affair will hurt a marriage but it also has the potential to make it even stronger!

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We do everything online, even have affairs! Here are a few tips to affair-proof your Internet use.

10 Tips To Survive The Holidays

How to cope when your family's latent dysfunction decides to pop up under the Christmas tree!

Dr Elvira Aletta

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Anxiety Issues, Depression, Empowering Women, Life Management, Life Transitions