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"I love, forgive and accept myself exactly as I AM"

"You will never outperform your own self image"

"Your net worth is directly connected to you self worth"

Deborah Bishop

About Deborah Bishop

You deserve to live a passionate purposeful and profitable life.

When you are stuck, you know it, you know the pain, the limitation and the sheer frustration of being in a place you don’t want to be, but can’t get out of.  In truth, you have only two choices.  To keep your head buried in the sand and stay in pain, or face up to what’s really going on and put it behind you forever.  You may not realize it but there is such a thing as a “foundational lie” that started years ago and blossomed into belief systems that have influenced your life and limited your choices. The problem here is that it is literally something you don’t know about yourself and therefore it hides in plain sight allowing you to fall short.  

Self worth is absolutely a key ingredient to net worth.  You can’t have “whole wealth”, without believing you deserve it, and even if you have the money thing figured out, if you don’t have a life filled with overflowing profits in your relationships, your health, lifestyle, and your career then you are paying too high a price for not enough return.
The game changer is the ability to recognize where these realities actually started so you can not only free yourself, but you can heal yourself and enjoy successes and a life / career filled with whole wealth. 

One of the most important relationships you will ever have is to an animate object and that is: money, which is treated as though it has some kind of power all on it’s own and yet it is simply paper and ink.  It’s your self-image and belief systems that give fuel to these ideas.  It’s the foundational lie – the root of all resistance - that steals your dreams, passion and purpose.

The pain of struggle followed Deborah’s life throughout her childhood and well beyond.  As a performer she had already won awards for her talents by the age of five, but that did not pave the streets in gold, rather it fed a series of beliefs and dysfunctions that came close to destroying her future.  Each and every step Deborah took to move beyond that place of lack and longing became the pathway by which she now leads others.  It’s the path that lead her out of despair, struggle, illness and ongoing financial stress and lack, to a thriving career, healthy and happy life, and that also allowed her to go from making less then $12,000 a year, to over $360,000 in sixteen months! 

You will never outperform your own self-image. Stop making excuses, you only have so much time and you are worthy of the best in life.

Deborah Bishop Success Stories

Stay at Home Dad


"My world turned upside down but it's ok,  I feel like I can do anything and more importantly I can provide for my kids".  more

That quote comes from a client of mine named Joe.  He started working with me after he realized he was over six figures in debt and needed to be at home with his kids because his wife was sick.  

During our time together Joe's wife passed, but instead of things falling apart, Joe was able to have them fall together and now he is truly able to be there for his kids and for their future.  

I was honored to work with someone who had such courage.








Another One Breaks Through

Women starting over

Susan came to me scared, frustrated and angry.  She was alone, broke and while she had a business it wasn't doing what she needed it to and she was working 24/7.  more

Susan ended up doing my signature system with me as her first step and it was a huge stretch for her.  In fact it took her almost six months to say "yes".  Then, she told me in our first session, that after she finally agreed and moved forward that her business had had a banner week!  

Susan is in the printing business, and it's an industry that is going through some significant changes.  However, in the short 12 weeks we spent together on the "Whole Wealth Breakthrough" Susan had such a self discovery that her business literaly started to boom. 

I just got off the phone with her and she has just broken her best year in her business income wise and she did it in one month!  In January 2014, Susan has already closed more business financially then she did all of last year.  

Congrats Susan, it's only up from here... 

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