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I once heard a wise professional say "History is not destiny" and it was so empowering. It helped me know that I am not bound to the mistakes of my past and I can move forward and have a new future, and be a new person.

Sometimes our pain gets so intense we don't know where to turn. You may be struggling with questions as to whether or not seeing a counselor/therapist will help. Will they really get me? Will they understand what I'm going through? Will they validate my feelings? We all need a safe space to be able to spew our emotions, unload our troubles, vent, feel heard and understood. Some of us just need a gentle hand of guidance while others feel they need major reconstructive emotional help because they are in such pain. I want you to know that there is a safe space where you can find hope, help and healing.

I believe everyone holds the key to making their life work, they just don't know that they have it, where to start looking for it, or how to use it once they've found it. I love people and believe I can learn something from each person that crosses my path. My goal is to help others gain additional understanding and insight into their lives drawing upon my own knowledge and experience. In session, we can learn from each other and facilitate growth and happiness.

The real meat of my counseling comes not from what I read in textbooks but from what I experienced in my own life. I have experienced cut-off family relationships, painful divorce, online dating (eeek! just kidding), remarriage, job loss, culture shock from a major relocation, and unacceptance by in-laws just to name a few... I have walked a mile in many shoes and it is these experiences that gives me compassion and understanding for what my clients are going through.

I hold a graduate degree in counseling, have a history of study in psychology and marriage and family therapy and have just begun my doctoral studies in Marriage and Family Therapy while I work toward getting my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

If you have any questions, if you are in pain and are searching for a place to find hope and healing, my door, my mind and my heart are open. I hope you will take the next step and reach out and invite me into your world...into your heart...into your troubles and your pain. We can be brave together and work towards healing. I look forward to hearing from you.



The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Couples counseling became my calling after my own experience with divorce. I always knew I loved psychology and I was fascinated by other's experiences and became very passionate about helping others at a young age. However, when I experienced marriage counseling and my own divorce, I knew that's where my heart of hearts was. Divorce is painful even when it's the right decision. If I can help others through their divorce experience, or avoid a divorce experience, then I feel like I was able to utilize my own pain for something positive.

Anabelle Bugatti Pre-licensed MFT, NCC, Officiant

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Anabelle Bugatti Pre-licensed MFT, NCC, Officiant

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Anabelle Bugatti Pre-licensed MFT, NCC, Officiant

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Anabelle Bugatti Pre-licensed MFT, NCC, Officiant

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