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Our girls have learned to love you in multidimensional ways. And so have I.

A Letter To My Husband In Heaven

Hubby in heaven, it will be eight years this Monday since the day you left this world. I used to imagine how would the pain feel years from the day you left. Remember you told me it would happen and that it would be ok because you would no longer be here? You were so right about so many things. But the most change took place within me.

Theresa Caputo, the self-professed "Long Island Medium" of TLC stardom, holding her head in her hands and looking shocked
"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo is about as real as her nails.
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"Long Island Medium" Skeptics Are As Much Of A Sham As She Is

A new book threatens to reveal the secret behind The Long Island Medium. That is ridiculous, because there is no secret behind the Long Island Medium. But before you think I'm buying her bull, too, let me explain: I'm not saying that I believe Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo actually talks to dead people, I'm saying that Caputo's doing a very old and common parlor trick called "cold reading," in which people like soothsayers, mentalists and, yes, mediums trick audience members and listeners that they know much mo

Peaches Geldof, who was found dead at 25
Peaches Geldof was found dead today at only 25 years old.
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Peaches Geldof Dead At 25: A Look Back At Her Love Life

Authorities found Peaches Geldof dead at just 25 years old today. The British socialite was troubled since her childhood, and that was reflected in her dramatic dating life. Geldof was the daughter of music legend Bob Geldof and British TV personality Paula Yates. The couple divorced when Peaches was 11.

bode miller cry
An NBC Reporter pushed Bode Miller to tears with invasive questions about his late brother
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Bode Miller: What To Say (& Not Say) To Someone Who's Grieving

After winning the bronze in the men's Super-G, Bode Miller found himself face-to-face with an interviewer who just wouldn't shut up about the death of his brother. Whether you're interviewing for a story or are simply privy to a special event in someone's life, here's what you should and shouldn't say to a person who's just lost a loved one.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Hoffman said he felt "ashamed that he was going out and hanging out and drinking."
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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Diaries Reveal Love Triangle

Philip Seymour Hoffman may have been battling more than just heroine in his final days. Reports have surfaced that Mimi O'Donnell, Hoffman's partner of more than a decade and mother to his three children, threw the troubled actor out of their NYC apartment just three months before his death.