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Getting Older? You Don't Need Him To Put A Ring On It

There's no question that the older you get, the pressure to be in a committed relationship or get married by a certain age will pretty much have a constant presence in your life. But do you really have to have a boyfriend on your birthday just because the big 4-0 [insert fabulous age] has rolled around? Contrary to popular belief, your shelf life has not expired.

5 Great Off the Wall First Dates

5 Great Off the Wall First Dates

When planning a destination for a first date, it is often easy to fall into the reliable routine of a coffee shop. However, if you are looking for something more unique, here are five 'off the wall' ideas to help you organise an entertaining and unforgettable first date. 1- Tantalise your taste buds with some alternative cuisine George Bernard Shaw once wrote; “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”.

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Put the phone down and listen.

Call Me Maybe: Why Does He Only Text Me?

In today's modern age, it's no surprise that texting has become a major part of the dating game. A lot of people have different communication styles but what happens if your style clashes with your partner's? What do you do if he only texts you and never wants to talk on the phone.

8 Dating Tips I Wish I'd Followed While I Was Single

8 Dating Tips I Wish I'd Followed While I Was Single

You have bid adieu to singledom, you are engaged and very soon, you will be getting married. You are happy, but somehow at the core of the heart, you regret over something. That ‘something’ is related to lovely memories of dating. You wish you had followed dating tips and advice when you were single and cherish those memories today. You are not the only one who feels sad about it. Like you, there are many souls who think that they would have had a more wonderful dating experience if only they had followed some essential dating tips when they were single.

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Be the best he's ever had.

Kiss And Tell: How Can I Be The Best Sex He's Ever Had?

Dying to know if your partner is satisfied with your sex life? Are you constantly wondering if there's anything you can do to heighten the pleasure? We're going to let you in on the secret to finding out if you're good in bed: You're going to have to open your mouth...and just ask!

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Longing for a love like on the big screen? Watch more romance movies together.
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Do Romance Movies Ruin Relationships?

It is easy to think that romance movies create false expectations when it comes to love and relationships. As much as we may envy or despise the characters and storylines of romance movies, do they really have a negative effect on our relationships? According to research, the answer is no.

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Learn how to become one of those couples that everyone's envious of.

What Is The Secret To Making Your Relationship Last?

Expert power couple Carl Studna and Cynthia James join forces to discuss what factors determine a successful and long lasting relationship. Along their 15 year marriage they've gained some essential knowledge on how to establish and maintain a successful relationship.

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"Do you 'like' me?"
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Here's How To Feel Like A Lovestruck Teenager All Over Again

Last summer, I was charmed by a particularly boyish (and slightly younger) dude. Eventually his boyishness became less charming. And then confusing. And then mildly infuriating. After a while I realized I was basically having a middle-school romance ... in my 30s. Sound fun? Here's how it's done.

They look happy. And you can be too!
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12 Foolproof Ways To Get A Second Date With A Woman

Dating is tough. We know this, and we're here to help you. So unless you enjoy hearing that a woman has to 'wash her hair' on a Friday night, take a gander at these twelve tips for getting that elusive second date. We only want good things for you, and following this list will get you closer to scoring date number two.

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The real question is how to know when I am ready.

How Long Should I Wait Before Having Sex?

When it comes to dating in the modern age, the vast amount of rules we tend to listen to and follow without question makes finding the one incredibly stressful. Just how many dates should you go on before you have sex? Despite being one of the most popular questions asked by Ok Cupid and the rest of the online dating world, pinning down the answer isn't as easy as simply checking off an option.

Dating Tips: 1st Date Disasters: 10 Red Flags Women Should See
This is the type of guy who would send you a pic of his privates. NEXT!
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First Date Disasters: 10 Red Flags Women Must Look Out For

Wouldn't it be great if there was a book on all the guys to watch out for in this dating game? While there may not be a book, there is certainly an article! If you could use some help staying far away from the "not worth your time crew", dating coach Dina Z Colada offers a list of 10 red flags you should look out for.

How To Get A Boyfriend: It's Time To Really Commit
Write your goal on paper. It makes a difference!
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8 Steps To Finding That Perfect Relationship

Being in a relationship is a serious commitment. You need to be sure that you are ready to fully commit yourself to finding that meaningful relationship. If you are ready, these eight steps will help you set effective goals for what you want in a partnership and help you achieve them.