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I do not envy you, sister.
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The Fantasy Versus The Reality … Of First Dates

Okay kids, it's that time again: time to address the hideously awkward truths of dating. First dates in particular are nasty little dens of discomfort and stilted conversations (yeah, your friends will occasionally have an amazing night, but that rarely happens to you). So, let's jump right in and see where Fantasy-You and Reality-You collide.

Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas
This 4th of July, create your own fireworks.
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Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the summer, and it's just around the corner! If you are not independent, so to speak, it is also the perfect day to do something romantic with your significant other. Here are 10 spectacular, dazzling date ideas that will make both of your hearts go boom.

Don't look so pleased with yourselves. This is a hot mess waiting to happen.
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9 Things That Can Go Horribly Wrong When Dating The Boss

Plenty of people fantasize about dating their boss. And we can get that. Sure, you have a shared interest and career goals, but is that really enough to risk your job over? Read on to find the nine disastrous things that can happen when you hook up with superior.

They look happy. And you can be too!
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12 Foolproof Ways To Get A Second Date With A Woman

Dating is tough. We know this, and we're here to help you. So unless you enjoy hearing that a woman has to 'wash her hair' on a Friday night, take a gander at these twelve tips for getting that elusive second date. We only want good things for you, and following this list will get you closer to scoring date number two.

couple in tent.
The real question is how to know when I am ready.

How Long Should I Wait Before Having Sex?

When it comes to dating in the modern age, the vast amount of rules we tend to listen to and follow without question makes finding the one incredibly stressful. Just how many dates should you go on before you have sex? Despite being one of the most popular questions asked by Ok Cupid and the rest of the online dating world, pinning down the answer isn't as easy as simply checking off an option.

casual spring date look
Casual spring date? Here's what you should wear.
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7 Spring Outfits For Every Kind Of Date

Judging from the beautiful weather, spring has officially arrived. With any luck, temperatures will warm up even more soon, which means you'll finally be able to retire your puffer and snow boots. So if you've got a few dates lined up for the new season and nothing to wear, click through for 7 fresh spring date outfit ideas!

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It's National Nurses Week!
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Save Your (Love) Life: 9 Reasons You Need To Date A Nurse

It's National Nurses Week! But nurses aren't just the bee's knees in the medical world; they're also pretty amazing once you take them outside of the hospital, too. So before you set your sights on taking home the doctor, here's why you should aim for the nurse instead.

Overcome Shyness
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Overcome Shyness

Shyness is very common among men, especially during adolescence. But ignoring shyness will only make social interactions more difficult. It can also get in the way of getting the woman of your dreams. At some point in life a man has to get over shyness so that can finally get the woman he wants. So how do you overcome shyness? While it’s not easy, it is possible. There are many practical tricks you can learn to overcome your bashfulness and gain confidence in the presence of a beautiful woman. Here are a few dating tips on how to overcome your shyness.

It's science. We break it down for you.
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Power Ladies: 5 Reasons Women Rule The Dating Scene

A recent study by EliteSingles has found that when it comes to the dating world, 71 percent of women believe they're the decider when it comes to how things will end or if another date is even possible. Not only that, but women are far more confident about the first impression they make upon men during an initial date. See the infographic and why this tends to be the case.