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We get it. It's hard. But there comes a point where you've gotta stop with the pity party.
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10 Breakup Habits You Need To Kick To The Curb, Like, Yesterday

In completely obvious news, breakups suck. But sometimes, the aftermath can be even more confusing and emotionally draining. It's totally normal to make some questionable decisions post-split — you're feeling lost, hurt, and less confident than usual. So to help you navigate this tricky breakup world, we've rounded up some of the common landmines you'll want to avoid.

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Ever feel left behind in the emotional dust while your ex drives away? Yeah, us too.
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Love Bytes: The Real Reason Why Your Ex Gets Over You So Quickly

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. However, guys tend to move on much faster than girls do. Why is that? A guy explains! Plus, have you celebrated this month's nationally recognized holiday? (And we aren't talking about Memorial Day.) It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

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When a close bond breaks, there is bound to be pain.
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Don't Be Afraid To Cry: 5 Ways To Let Go Of A Bad Relationship

The thought of breaking up can be terrifying, but sometimes, it is for the best. If you find yourself at breaking point but cannot seem to let go, it might help to consider the following: 1. Admit that it is over. Don't hang on to the fragile shreds of a relationship whose fabric has weakened beyond repair. Look at it this way—you are letting go of something into which you had invested a huge amount of your time, energy and emotion. Letting go will free them all up once again, giving you a definite point where you can start over.

Breakups: Clear Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together
Why is he being the man that I needed him to be
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6 Clear Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together With You

Did you breakup with your ex and you now feel as if she may have something up her sleeve....perhaps some feelings for you? Question yourself no more and read the awesome breakups advice by Michael Griswold. Find out if your ex was done with you or just preparing to want you even more in the future.

Marriage Therapist: Is Your Marriage Worth Fighting For?
We've turned into some couple. Less talking, kissing, hugging...wait. What happened?
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5 Signs Your Marriage Is At Risk Of Divorce

It's tough for any relationship when the fire between lovers grow dim, but it's even harder for a marriage. When do you know that it's just...over? Are you longing for closure on whether your relationship is "okay"? Find a supportive marriage therapist, but read the article now to see if your relationship is headed towards Splittsville.

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There's always at the end of the tunnel.

How Do I Find The Silver Lining In My Divorce?

There is no heart-wrenching feeling than going through a divorce with a person who was supposed to be your soulmate for life. What happens after the dust has settled and the forever that you were promised disappears? Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin (of Support And Solutions For Women) let you know that you have a lot to look forward to.

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Just because we think someone is right for us doesn't mean we are right for them.
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The Rules For Knowing If Your Relationship Will Work

Is your relationship doomed because you're giving too much? It's hard to accept the warning signs and red flags when we're in love with someone you think is perfect for you. Anabelle Bugatti Pre-licensed MFT, NCC, Officiant explains what you must know if you want a healthy and successful relationship.

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Is it truly time to call it quits?
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Love Bytes: How You Know The Relationship Is Over

Grab some tissues and get ready! An 11-year-old was walked down the 'aisle' with her cancer-striken father since he won't be there for her future wedding. Are you making these six classic mistakes with men? Lauren Conrad wants to help you get over your ex. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

Five Dangerous Signs to Look For In A Relationship

Five Dangerous Signs to Look For In A Relationship

All relationships have their ups and downs but there are some red flags you simply cannot ignore. Certain behaviors and tendencies exhibited by your partner indicate an unhealthy and potentially abusive relationship. Be aware of these five dangerous signs to look for in a relationship and spare yourself from physical and emotional harm. Acts of Aggression