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We get it. It's hard. But there comes a point where you've gotta stop with the pity party.
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10 Breakup Habits You Need To Kick To The Curb, Like, Yesterday

In completely obvious news, breakups suck. But sometimes, the aftermath can be even more confusing and emotionally draining. It's totally normal to make some questionable decisions post-split — you're feeling lost, hurt, and less confident than usual. So to help you navigate this tricky breakup world, we've rounded up some of the common landmines you'll want to avoid.

Breakup: The Truth About Being 'Friends' With Your Ex
You have no real reasons to still be friends.
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The Truth About Being 'Friends' With Your Ex

Dating coach Nina Atwood discusses the times you can and can't be friends with your ex. Did you go through a difficult breakup? You might want to give it some time. Never really had a close relationship in the first place? Friendship might be possible. Read on to learn more about being friends with an ex.

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When a close bond breaks, there is bound to be pain.
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Don't Be Afraid To Cry: 5 Ways To Let Go Of A Bad Relationship

The thought of breaking up can be terrifying, but sometimes, it is for the best. If you find yourself at breaking point but cannot seem to let go, it might help to consider the following: 1. Admit that it is over. Don't hang on to the fragile shreds of a relationship whose fabric has weakened beyond repair. Look at it this way—you are letting go of something into which you had invested a huge amount of your time, energy and emotion. Letting go will free them all up once again, giving you a definite point where you can start over.

Breakup: Getting Over Your First Gay Breakup
You will get through your first gay breakup, even if it doesn't seem like it now.
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5 Tips For Getting Over Your First (Gay) Breakup

Your first relationship after coming out of the closet will be an amazing experience. Until it ends. Expert Rick Clemons explains why your first gay breakup is different from any other kind of breakup and gives tips on how you can move past it.

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The days of Ben and Jerry's being our post-break up snuggle buddy have come to an end.
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Love Bytes: The New Breakup App That Will Change Dating Forever

It's pretty well-known that breakups suck. No one likes getting hurt or letting someone go, but they're apart of life. But there's an app called, "Breakup RX" that may change the nature of breaking up forever. Your pleasure is now right at your fingertips. May is the month of self-love, after all. Check out this week's roundup of love and sex links!

Breakups: Clear Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together
Why is he being the man that I needed him to be
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6 Clear Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together With You

Did you breakup with your ex and you now feel as if she may have something up her sleeve....perhaps some feelings for you? Question yourself no more and read the awesome breakups advice by Michael Griswold. Find out if your ex was done with you or just preparing to want you even more in the future.

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There's always at the end of the tunnel.

How Do I Find The Silver Lining In My Divorce?

There is no heart-wrenching feeling than going through a divorce with a person who was supposed to be your soulmate for life. What happens after the dust has settled and the forever that you were promised disappears? Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin (of Support And Solutions For Women) let you know that you have a lot to look forward to.

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Handle yourself with grace and dignity and you will become a magnet for your soul mate.
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No Whimps Allowed: Handling Dating Rejection With Grace

Dating and rejection, these two words often seem to go hand-in-hand. It is just part of the equation. Chemistry is not something that can be predicted. So even if the date goes well, that romantic spark might not be there. Matchmaker Marla Martenson explains what to do when it goes sour.