Best Anti-Aging Makeup Advice For You!
Every girl's best friend: new makeup!
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Best Anti-Aging Makeup Advice For You!

Make up is made to "make up" for any skin imperfections. Using it the right way can work to your advantage, especially when it comes to looking younger. Use these tips and tricks to get the most out of your make up.

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Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer With These 10 Sunscreens

Many studies show that toxic additives and misuse can actually make certain products more harmful than helpful. Just when you thought you were being responsible by slathering on your Coppertone... But don't you worry that freckled face of yours, I've rounded up some of the most effective and natural products on the market; along with essential Dos and Don'ts that go beyond the basics on practicing safe sun this summer.

updo knot hairstyle
These styles are quick and easy, but will definitely get your date to notice you.
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Switch It Up: Here Are 5 New Updos For Your Next Date

If you're constantly on the go, having a hairstyle that you can wear during the day and through the night can be a life saver. With the summer heat slowly seeping into the city, a pretty and fuss-free updo is ideal. Here are some styles that will look great in the sunshine and under the stars.

guy with razor
"Guys like to be a little dirty, they don't want you to think they expected this."
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What Guys Really Do ... Before Sleeping With A New Partner

New research says ladies spend at least six hours purifying, styling, shaving and shopping for that drop-your-draws outfit before the first night of passion. We asked a few men we know just what goes into getting ready — and if they even notice a woman's work.

9 Ways To Look Younger, Thinner, And More Attractive

9 Ways To Look Younger, Thinner, And More Attractive

Everyone likes to look young and does their best to appear as one having a gorgeous look. There are plenty of ways with which the person can look young. Same as that thin is not bad always especially the thin which you can count in the smart category. With the right mixture of young look and thin body, you will automatically appear as an attractive person. Amongst many of the ways, the best ones are those which are super simple.