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Matthew Perry, former 'Friends' star, giving a thumbs up sign
We'd definitely give Matthew Perry's mansion a thumbs up after seeing these photos!
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Matthew Perry Selling Malibu Rehab Mansion (See Pics!)

Matthew Perry, best known for his wisecracking, sardonic character Chandler from Friends, just put his Malibu mansion back on the market -- and he sliced the price down by a million bucks! (Of course, it's still not cheap: He's currently asking for $12.5 million instead of $13.5 million!)

SEX and Addiction
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SEX and Addiction

Barbara: I stood alone, not for the first time, with a sense of pride and humility, holding the mike in my hands, once again, about to share my story.  I looked around the room and saw the faces of so many brethren who were trying to pull their lives together; so many who were called “the old timers”, some who were called the “newcomers “, and then there were those who relapsed and were trying sobriety a second, third and many times again.  I was here in my meeting, that I called my new home for a year

grieving process
Instead of calling his dealer, he could have picked up the phone and called for help.

Like All Addicts, Philip Seymour Hoffman Did Have A Choice

I have a pattern when it comes to stories about celebrities who overdose. The day the news breaks, I scan the headlines. I react with a mix of sadness and disgust—and familiarity, as I was raised by two addicts. But in cases like Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, I'm not interested in the 'juicy' details. My eyes scan these stories looking for the little people: the kids left behind.

Grief And Loss: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Mr. Hoffman's struggles seem familiar. Photo: imdb
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Mourning Philip Seymour Hoffman & Numbing Our Pain

The grief and loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has prompted us to consider the ways we deal with our biggest fears and insecurities. Whether you're battling addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping or any other medium, ask yourself this difficult question: Are you numbing your experience to both the good and the bad?

Grieving Process: The Loss Of Philip Seymour Hoffman To Addiction
Philip Seymour Hoffman passed on February 2, 2014 in New York City.
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From Philip Seymour Hoffman To Shawn Pyfrom: Life As An Addict

The loss of a loved one to addiction is heartbreaking. Everyone has their own grieving process but it's important to understand that you are not alone. This article by Dr. John McMahon and Lou Lewis discusses the troubling outcome of addiction while also supporting actor Shawn Pyfrom, who recently acknowledged he was an addict. Read this post if you or anyone you know has ever struggled with addiction.

How to Support Your Significant Overcome an Addiction

How to Support Your Significant Overcome an Addiction

Relationships aren't always all about the "honeymoon" phase. Coming together to share your life with another individual means being introduced to their good and bad qualities. Dating someone who is dealing with an addiction is a huge obstacle that many would run away from. However, when you truly love a person it is natural to want to become their rock and support system to overcome it.

Are You A Dating Pain Addict For Love?
Cake is an adrenaline rush, too!
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Are You A Dating Pain Addict For Love?

Dating and relationships can be hard, whether the love is unrequited, complicated, or true. But when we put up barriers to make ourselves unavailable or non-accepting, it might actually be for the adrenaline longing causes. Addressing this problem is the first step to solving it.