Yes, I'm In A Wheelchair. And Yes, He Married Me Anyway. So What?


wheelchair marriage
You can stop staring now, thanks.

For 15 years I've been paralyzed from the chest down. Consequently, there’s no hiding my disability. There’s also no hiding the fact I scored big when I married my very handsome husband, Cory. When the two of us stroll down the sidewalk (my bulky power wheelchair and him), we attract a lot of attention. And while some people are quick to share their thoughts, others say nothing (but they don't have to - it's written all over their faces). DOH.

If you've ever wondered what holding hands in public with my husband looks and sounds like from my perspective? Well, wonder no more! Here are the best and worst offenders:

OFFENDER: Single Women
THE LOOK: Conspicuous and confused, although usually hid behind a hat or sunglasses.
THE DIALOGUE: What does she have that I don’t?
If she can do it, I can.
How did that happen?
(All inner dialogue, of course, wink wink.)

OFFENDER: Married Woman
THE LOOK: Head tilted sideways, gushing with compassion and hope.
THE DIALOGUE: Awwww, you guys are cute.
I wish my husband did that.
My husband used to hold my hand.

OFFENDER: The Homeless
THE LOOK: All smiles! Fist in the air. Throwing high fives.
THE DIALOGUE: Hell yeah!
You go girl!
Now THAT'S a real man!
That be true love!

OFFENDER: Men, Single or Married
THE LOOK: Either full-on eye contact or avoidance at all costs.
THE DIALOGUE: How do they have sex?
For him to be with her, she must be somebody.
Would I f*ck someone in a wheelchair?

OFFENDER: Senior Citizens
THE LOOK: Surprise and longing.
THE DIALOGUE: That wheelchair is lovely.
Where can I get one of those?
Wait, you can drive a van too?

OFFENDER: Other Wheelchair Users
THE LOOK: The understanding head nod.
Did you marry before or after your injury?
Lucky dawg.

THE LOOK: Fear or curiosity.
THE DIALOGUE: Will that machine bite?
Bones? Do they have any bones?
I smell dog.

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