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Dating: So You're In Debt, When Should You Tell Them?
So you're in love and you're also broke... when should you bring it up?
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Debt And Dating: When Should You Reveal Financial Troubles?

So you're in love and you're also broke... when should you bring it up? Ask anyone who has been in over their head in debt and they will tell you, it is very easy to rack up a huge amount in no time at all. Nancy Pina tells you how to own up to money challenges at the appropriate time openly and honestly.

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato knows that real beauty is on the inside -- but she's gorgeous outside, too!
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The Most Beautiful Demi Lovato Instagrams Ever!

Demi Lovato knows all about being beautiful. The former Disney starlet, who rose to tween superstardom with her TV show Sonny With A Chance, has been through a lot. Lovato is open about her past struggles with bi-polar disorder, drugs and bulimia, and she's also simultaneously candid and coy about her love life.

beach wedding
What could be more romantic than a ceremony by the sea?
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20 Dreamy Dresses For A Beach Wedding

To us, the perfect seaside affair has no need for 'I do' shoes because the couple will be digging their barefoot toes in the sand. The bride's hair can be in a loose updo or undone waves while her billowy dress sways in the wind. It's the opportunity to choose an unconventional dress like a straight-off-the-runway crocheted midi dress from Chloé or Rachel Zoe's intricately embroidered sleeveless maxi dress.

man and woman talking
This couple seems to know how to have the talk the right way!
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How To Have A No-Stress 'Where Is This Going?' Talk

If you have been casually seeing someone for a while and you get the feeling like you it’s time to get some answers then take a deep breath before stressing out. There are 8 steps to having a stress-free DTR conversation that won't make you go crazy.

Donnie Wahlberg
This is Donnie Wahlberg -- a New Kid on the Block and the new fiance of Jenny McCarthy!
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What You Never Knew About (Just Engaged!) Donnie Wahlberg

TV Queen Jenny McCarthy has bagged herself a New Kid on the Block, an actor, and the big brother of one Mark Wahlberg. We've assembled all the key facts you need to know about Donnie Wahlberg, the man who will make an honest woman out of the funny gal.

Halston Sage
See this hottie? She's Halston Sage and she cuddles up to Zac Efron, too.
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Who Is Zac Efron's Rumored New Girlfriend Halston Sage?

Clearly that whole "I got lost and ran out of gas on Skid Row" thing hasn't 86ed Zac Efron's career or his mojo with the ladies. The former BF of Vanessa Hudgens is reportedly dating Halston Sage, his co-star in the upcoming comedy 'Neighbors.' Who is she and what do we know? A lot, so far!