This ONE Word Is Guaranteed To Supercharge Your Relationship

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i love you because

A non-materialistic and abundant element worth more than Fort Knox.

A few years ago, I sat around the house thinking about what to get my girlfriend for her birthday. But it wasn’t just any birthday. At the time (and still going strong), we were in a two-year, long-distance relationship. I chose to forego the fancy purses, clothing, perfume, and makeup, as I knew it wasn’t her style. She was unique and I desired a gift to match.

I swung by the drugstore to select a birthday card, hoping to find inspiration. But I desired more. I desired meaning. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the principle. And if you’re anything like me (and take a minimum of 30 minutes to select the perfect card), I knew what had to be done.

I chose to take matters into my own hands and create her gift. We had the relationship together; I knew her better than any card-maker could express.

I grabbed four different colored markers, multi-colored note cards, stickers, and headed out the door. Anyone could write “I love you” in a card. But it was what I added which made it truly special, and it's a gift which she still cherishes today.


This tiny word was a reflection of our relationship. Together, we cherished the little things which helped us create a deeper, stronger, and more meaningful relationship.

I love you because you put a premium on kindness.”

Insert a cute, little animal sticker. BAM.

More than 600 plus “because cards,” four different colored markers, and the crème-de-la-crème, endearing handwritten sayings for each animal sticker later, I was done.

What did my girlfriend’s birthday teach me? Standing high above fancy purses, jewelry, and other items is thoughtfulness, a non-materialistic and abundant element worth more than Fort Knox.

By adding a simple word, I had supercharged an endearing phase. A tiny adjustment opened my heart so that I could access my authentic feelings no-holds-barred. Distance was just another word because we chose to do the little things, every day.

Thoughtfulness is priceless, and I love you because you taught me this.



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