This Video Of A Woman Doing Calligraphy With Her Vagina Is Crazy

vagina calligraphy

Stick a fine brush up there, squat, and go to town.

Today my vagina hasn't done a whole lot. It went for a walk when I took the dog out, and it experienced a fresh pair of pants. In a couple of days, it will probably pass some uterine lining. 

In short, my vagina is pretty boring. 

That's normal for vaginas, I think. To be pretty dull. There are the rare occasions when sex is tremendous, or a child passes through it, or you learn a fun trick with ping pong balls, but by and large, vaginas just sort of hang out, secreting. 

That's not the case for artists who study under 63 year old Chinese calligraphy master Sun Ping. Since 2006 Ping's students have practiced the art of vagina calligraphy. I don't even think my vagina could manage stick figures, let alone creating actual language beautifully. 

Ping's work seeks to normalize the vagina in Chinese society. It's a heady task, and one that not everyone is ready to accept. 

Png was kicked out of the Chinese Artists Association for being "vulgar and uncivilized". But that's not stopping Ping. "The vagina is too often considered vulgar, but it's where we all come from." It's kind of hard to argue with that. I mean, you could, but you would sound like a real dick. 

I don't know if putting a brush up your snatch and painting out Chinese characters is the way towards equality, but I do know it's really mesmerizing to watch.

The sadist in me kept waiting to see what happened if one of the vagina-havers in question sneezed. 

While no sneezing occurred, there was plenty of art made. I'm not an expert in Chinese calligraphy, so I can't speak to the quality of the product.

That said, I found the end result of this vagina painting to be more "meh" than marvelous. 

If I had one criticism of this art project, it would be the fact that it is not being orchestrated by women. There's a dude at the helm, guiding these women as they vagina paint. At its core, it's one more example of female sexuality being used by a man to illicit a response. You can dress it up however you like, but vulgarity is last on the list of things about this story that are problematic. 


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