9 Struggles Only Women With Resting B*tch Face Understand

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This face isn't on purpose — it just happens!

Everyone's face has a resting expression. For most people, it's a relatively blank expression. Some lucky people just always look happy.

Then there are the unlucky people on the opposite side of the spectrum. These people have what's known as "resting b*tch face."

For these people, when they're not paying attention, their face naturally falls into an unpleasant expression. Unless they specifically put effort into looking happy, they always look a little angry.

Even when they feel perfectly fine, their face feels like telling the world, "Stay away from me, jerks!"

Most people don't realize how hard life is for these people. They constantly have to cash checks that their face is writing.

People often assume that the expression on someone's face means something, but if someone has "resting bitch face," that couldn't be further from the truth.

Here are 9 problems women with resting bitch face have to deal with every day.

1. You have to work to look happy.
Whenever you're in a situation where you're supposed to look happy, you have to constantly think "look happy." As soon as you lose focus, your face goes right back to making everyone think that you've got a problem.
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Bitch Face
2. No one thinks you like them.
People that don't know you see you sitting there with a mean expression on your face. They assume you're making that expression because you don't like being around them. It's so much harder to make new friends.
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Bitch Face
3. You never look like you're having a good time.
You're constantly telling people, "No, I'm having a great time!" For some reason, people just don't think you're enjoying yourself. Probably because of your natural expression.
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Bitch Face
4. People always think you're receiving bad news.
Whenever someone has to give you news, your face looks so annoyed to be getting that news. People are always wondering, "Why is this upsetting you? I thought you'd be happy to win the PowerBall." You are happy, your face just doesn't like to show it.
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Bitch Face
5. Or people think you're bored.
Your face just never looks interested in what's going on. There could be fireworks exploding ten feet from you, but your face looks like someone is reading the dictionary out loud to you.
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Bitch Face
6. You're always explaining that nothing is the matter.
"Seriously, I'm fine. I'm having a good time. I'm not upset. This is just how my face looks, please stop bringing it up."
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Bitch Face
7. No one thinks you're happy for them. Usually, people's faces light up when they hear that something good happened to a friend. Your face just looks like you're getting audited. It's not a problem, but you're not happy about it.
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Bitch Face
8. Everyone thinks you're uptight.
You never look happy or like you're having fun. People think you don't like to enjoy yourself in front of other people.
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Bitch Face
9. People can't tell when you actually don't like them.
When people know you have resting bitch face, they assume that's always the problem. Nope. Sometimes you don't actually like someone. The people you actually hate are always the one who assume you have resting bitch face.
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Bitch Face



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