2 Ways To Stop Stressing BEFORE You Freak Out On Your Man


How you can keep your cool!

Managing stress is one of the most difficult challenges in our lives. When you can't control it, your anger is directed at anyone who gets into your line of fire, especially your partner.

According to WebMD, "More than half of Americans say they fight with friends and loved ones because of stress, and more than 70 percent say they experience real physical and emotional symptoms from it." 

One of the negative effects of stress is that it causes an uncontrollable anger and anxiety that prevents you from thinking logically and comprehending your partner's side of the argument. None of what your man says will get through to you, and the arguments will escalate until it slowly chips away at your relationship.

Author John Gray, YourTango's Senior VP Melanie Gorman, Divorce and Breakup Coach Lindsey Ellison, International Dating and Love Life Coach Suzanne Muller-Heinz and Emotional Intelligence Renee Jain mention that stress causes your body to react negatively. The emotions developed from it can spark those seemingly unsolvable arguments with your husband. Here are two beneficial ways to control that stress and to resolve the argument in a loving way.

1. Listen BEFORE You Speak.  

Listen to his side of the argument before you offer yours so that you can logically comprehend what he has to say. Let him to do the same for you. Then, you both can think about it later on and return to a calmer discussion after some time to mull over each side of the argument. John Gray makes the fantastic point, "If you talk to a guy for a while, it's overwhelming to him. 'What does all of this mean? What am I supposed to do about...' Give him some time to think about it."

2. Don't Run To Discuss It With Your Girlfriends!

It is a VERY bad habit for women to turn to their girlfriends for a venting session, but this can lead to animosity between your friend and your husband. Instead, do something else that you enjoy so that you can be happy to talk the disagreement through with your husband in a loving way. 

Dealing with stress is never an easy task, and sometimes you need to rely on yourself first for happiness before you take out your anger on your husband or loved ones for not making you happy. Watch this insightful video for more helpful ways to manage the stress before it continues to chip away at your marriage. 


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