Mom Finds It Hard To Love Her "Ugly" Child

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Mom Confesses She Finds It's Hard To Love Her "Ugly" Child

Sadly, this is not a satire piece.

Growing up, my mother and I would sometimes butt heads about little things, Often, it was for staying out too late or hanging out with people who I was too blind to see weren't really my friends. But even though we didn't always see eye to eye, I always knew that she had my best interest at heart and was just trying to protect me.

Watching her taught me that being a parent means loving your children unconditionally, in spite of their flaws.

But clearly, this mom missed that memo.

In the latest WTF news, she posted a message on Reddit, asking for help because she has a daughter who is "physically unattractive" and "honestly looks like she has some sort of disability".


If your mouth is open from all the crazy, you may want to sit down because there's more. Instead of just stopping there, she stresses how hard it is for her and her husband to love their daughter in spite of her "ugly" looks. Here is just a tiny fraction of her winning speech:

"I feel beyond awful that I feel this way. But, because she is such a wonderful person inside, it hurts me the more that her peers won’t see past her physical appearance. And, may god strike me dead for saying this, I’d almost rather she DID have a disability or chromosomal disorder. Then there would be an explanation for the way she looks other than just 'bad genetic luck'."

If this is a contest for the worst mother ever, I think we can all agree that she wins by a landslide. I wonder what kind of person you have to be for you to actively wish that your child has a disability.

How she can honestly sleep at night, I'll never know.

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