4 Telltale Signs You're In Love With A Giant A**hole

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If you think he is, you're probably right.

When we first start dating someone, they are usually on their best behavior. They show you the positive sides of themselves, rather than the hidden, nitty-gritty qualities that would send you right out the door.

Are you trying to figure out if he's a jerk or just misunderstood? Here are four tell-tale signs that the man you're dating might be an assh*le

1. You start wondering if he's an assh*le.

Maybe he refers to women as "bitches" and "hoes" in front of you. Or perhaps he didn't call after your first date, even though he gave off all the signs that he was really into you.

2. You go to bed thinking he's an assh*le.

He might leave you wondering if he cares about you, or just wants to have sex with you. It might be hard to tell, especially when the only time he calls is at 1:30 AM after a night at the club. 

3. You drink your coffee in the morning and think, "Yeah, he's an assh*le."

When you go out, he treats service personnel like they are his personal slaves. And the conversation over dinner is usually about how his ex was a total bitch for no reason at all.

4. A friend calls you and asks how things are. Your response: "He's an assh*le."

He might even have you convinced that YOU are the assh*le, or that he treats you like sh*t because you (like all assh*les) need to be treated as such. Creating doubt and causing you to think you're the problem is what assh*les do.

Bottom line: If you think he's an assh*le, then you already know what to do. The fact that you're reading this shows that you don't want to believe it, and that you're looking for some kind of external validation to make your decision. #dumptheahole #niceguysrock




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