Why Your Checklist Is Ruining Your Love Life


Doing this is actually keeping you single!

If you're considering jumping back into the dating scene, knowing exactly what you are looking for can have some major perks. However, being so deadset on checking things off of your dating checklist (that is way too specific) can actually end up working against you. There's a difference between having an idea of the type of guy or relationship you are looking for and closing yourself off from other opportunities.

When YourTango Founder/CEO Andrea Miller, Anthropologist and Human Behavior Researcher Helen Fisher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole Spivack, Psychologist Barbara Holstein and Founder of DateLikeaGrownup.com Bobbi Palmer talk about different ways to build the "right" checklist that will actually help you find someone, we couldn't agree more. This isn't to say that you should get rid of your checklist completely. In fact, doing that will force you to judge your new relationship based on chemistry and physical attraction alone, which can sometimes lead you the wrong way. It's important to have standards; the key is making a small checklist based on certain questions that are based on what is most important to you, whether that is financial stability or if that person fights fair. The "right checklist" is not about superficial things, it’s about how the person makes you feel. If you remember that then love is right around the corner.