10 Times '90s Boy Bands Ruined My Love Life


'90s boy bands did more harm than good to most of us.

Back in the '90s, boy bands ruled the scene. They were full of hot, young guys and they led the mall crowd all the way into the early 2000s. Everywhere they went, they were followed by screaming girls. They were probably the most popular guys on the planet.

Not everyone liked them, however. I didn't. I was a teenage boy, and they were the bane of my existence.

Everything they did was just so romantic, and it made regular dumb guys like me look like dopes. It was impossible to compete with. All guys like me could do was sit back and wait for them to go away. Which they eventually did, but it took soooooooo long. By the time they were gone, the damage had been done. Here are 10 examples of times that boy bands ruined my love life.

And seriously, f*ck you, Nick Lachey.

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