10 Ways Blue Ivy Carter Is Already Better Than All Of Us


Blue Ivy is the best celeb kid out there. Here's 10 photos that prove why!

With her curly cues and her adorbs, iridescent dress, Blue Ivy, the privileged offspring of Beyonce and Jay Z, made a fashion splash at the 2014 VMAs.

But she ruled your life, our life, her mama's life, her daddy's life and the VMAs' life in general when she cooed, "Yay, mommy" as the Hova took the stage to hand Beyonce her Video Vanguard Award. Bey had just performed a medley of every song from her new, self-titled album to close out the broadcast and ceremony and, unsurprisingly, it was the best performance of the night.

No wonder Blue is the best celeb kid there is!

Bey was already emotional after her performance and after seeing her baby girl and her husband together. But hearing Blue give her a shout out was, like, beyond! We even reached for a Kleenex.

While Blue has been dogged by those pesky Illuminati rumors since her January 7, 2012 birth, and while her gorgeous and flawless mother was accused of using a surrogate during the gestation period in order to maintain her figure, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Blue Ivy is better than you and is the best celeb kid on the A-list.

Why does Blue edge out the likes of Suri Cruise or even the Jolie Pitt clan, comprised of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne?

The reason is simple.

So much cruel and unnecessary criticism has been tossed her way by the blogosphere and gossip media, from her natural hair to the fact that she appears to have gotten more of Jay than Bey in the looks department so far.

But who cares! Blue is not even three years old and she's a beautiful baby girl with a sweet heart! She will continue to grow, change and evolve. With Beyonce and Jay as her parents, she will surely become one helluva woman.

Sure, she's probably feasting on a diet of unicorn nuggets sauteed in truffle butter. And it's true that she travels on jets and to exotic locales with Jayonce aka her dad and mom. But when she shouted out Bey at the VMAs, we, like, died.

Here are 10 pictures that prove little Blue, who rarely shows her face in photos, is better than you and is the best celeb kid on the Hollywood block. Actually, little Blue is a New Yorker and her notoriously private parents shun LA life for the most part. That makes her even cooler.

Oh, and check out this cute video of Blue watching her mommy entertain the world!

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