5 Guys You Need To Stop Dating — No Matter How Hot They Are


The top five guys you should never date (no matter how good looking they are).

Are you noticing a pattern in your love life (or lack thereof)? Are your relationships short term and/or insignificant? If so, you’re dating the wrong guys! It’s time to buckle down and take responsibility for your poor decision, before it’s too late! Here are the top five guys you should never date (no matter how good looking they are).

If you haven’t dated this guy yet, hang in there, he’ll find you. In my opinion, a perpetual bachelor can be best described as a “dog in heat.” Why? Well, much like a non-committal man, a dog will “sniff” around until he finds what he wants. He will leave his “mark.” and before you know it, he’s on the other side of the park checking out his next “bitch” (ahem, meaning female dog, of course). Don’t get me wrong, not all bachelors are these types of dogs, some are cute and cuddly! However, you should always remember to proceed with caution...some may bite!

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