13 Celebrities Who Should Absolutely Never Breed


These stars really, really shouldn't have kids.

There are some people who are famous, but nobody really seems to like them. They just go around, doing the whatever the thing is that they do not very well, and somehow make a lot of money doing it. Or at least appear to make a lot of money. It's crazy. With the rise of reality TV, there are more and more of these celebrities every year.

It's like producers go around and find the worst people, and then give them a platform where they get to just be the worst. People always end up watching it. Or they find some musician who makes okay music, but goes around saying and doing stupid, violent and/or generally offensive things. Studies (that we made up) show that by the year 2024, all celebrities will be completely hated.

It's too late for today, but the future can still be saved. How? By making sure that the worst of the worst don't have kids. If we end the blood lines today, the future won't be full of dumb babies complaining to the camera about how they're not wherever they are to make friends. Here's our list of celebs who shouldn't be allowed to breed!

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