7 Guys Dish On Girl Hobbies That Really Freak Them Out

7 Guys Dish On Girl Hobbies That Really Freak Them Out

7 Guys Dish On Girl Hobbies That Really Freak Them Out

doll collection
That doll collection in your apartment isn't exactly turning him on.

Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion — but these 7 guys have some pretty particular views on how they'd like their girl to spend her free time. Read on to find out what they had to say about the hobbies they won't stand for.

1. Reality TV Watchers
"I can't be in the same room when The Real Housewives or the Kardashians are on TV. If that's what she does in her spare time, we won't be hanging out." -Ted, 30

2. Roller Derby
"I respect anyone who does any sport, but it seems like every girl I've ever met who does Roller Derby takes it so seriously, to the point of putting down every other sport. Just not my cup of tea." -Vinny, 25


3. Sports Fanatics
"Surprisingly, it's a dealbreaker for me if a woman is really into sports. Like if she has to watch football every single Sunday. I'm not saying her interest isn't genuine, but get a real hobby, you know? Something more productive." -Brock, 29

4. Collectors
"I dated a girl who collected those glass Precious Moments dolls. They were everywhere in her apartment. I once brought my dog over to her house, and his tail knocked over a bunch of them and she had a serious meltdown, even though none of them broke. Never again." -Sam, 22

5. Horse Lovers
"Everyone had that one weird girl in their 5th grade class who was obsessed with horses, right? Well I accidentally started dating that girl when she was 23 -- and she was still very, very involved with horses, to the point where she carried a horse tote bag around and subscribed to a horse magazine. Horses are nice but...there's only so much you can say about them." -Jake, 26

6. Environmentalists
"Girls who devote their time to 'going green.' I'm sorry, but I need to feel comfortable in my home, and you telling me that my light bulbs are killing the universe slowly really kills the mood." -Steve, 25

7. Foodies
"I'm sorry, but if I ask a girl what she likes to do for fun and she tells me that she loves to try new restaurants, she's not the girl for me. I can't support that type of habit, and truthfully I think eating out all the time is financially irresponsible and a huge waste of money." - Kyle, 27

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