11 Trust Quotes Your Relationship Will Understand

11 Trust Quotes Your Relationship Will Understand

The words your relationship should live by.

There is no doubt that trust is, quite possibly, the most important quality a relationship can have. Without it, even the strongest love is bound to fall apart. It can start with little nuances. Maybe he takes just a little bit longer than he used to to text you back. Maybe she doesn't seem to care so much about your fantasy football team anymore.

In a strong relationship, you will probably recognize these behaviors as a normal part of settling into more of a routine and relaxed life together. One that is free of constant worry about what the other person will think if they find out you aren't perfect. Without trust, however, the latter is exactly what can happen. Suddenly, even the smallest things can seem like a "make it or break it situation." While that may be exciting, it's also not exactly healthy.

At times, it can be tempting to stay in these types of relationships. We think that uncertainty and drama is what true love is made of (thanks a lot, Hollywood). But the reality is that in the long run, they will not make you happy. Don't waste your time on someone who gets you down in the dumps just because you think he or she is just "keeping you on your toes."

Having a significant other who you know will love you no matter what, thinks you're adorable in your ratty, old college sweatpants and never hurts you intentionally is so much more important. To have a solid love life, you have to learn to trust those people and let go of the ones who always let you down. So what exactly is trust? Why is it so essential for a loving and lasting partnership?

To answer these questions, look no further than the wise words of YourTango Expert, Charles J. Orlando.

Dig deep, and find out what really happened
You know what they say "Time heals all wounds."
Never underestimate the benefit of the doubt
Don't blame yourself for trusting them Shame on them for taking advantage of it.
Isn't that what we all deserve?
Trust is like a mirror Once it's broken, you'll always see the cracks.
Appreciate what you've been given
And count on this successful formula
Let go of those who let you down before This time will be different.
It might now make much sense to you, but she "just knows"
Remember, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing


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