10 Times Harry Styles Resembled A Cat — And Made Us Swoon


Bring it on, Hairy Styles.

Sure, he may favorite an X-rated tweet or get a tattoo here and there (or everywhere) but deep down we all know Harry Styles is a big ball of love — not a bad boy. A curly-haired one that you just want to squeeze, cuddle with and never let go. Ever.

And if you weren't already drooling over the One Direction heartthrob enough, we found some proof that he's as cute and snuggly as a kitty.

From wacky faces to bizarre jumps, here's why we can't keep our paws off Harry.


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Those eyes. Purrfect much?

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The coolest kids in town.

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Jealous, Taylor Swift?

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Kitties gone wild.

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You're adorable, even when you get all emo.

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Morning, sunshine.

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Wanna dance?


The cutest. Fur real.

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Oh, just stop it, you.

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