Exclusive: Will Arnett Dishes On Sons And Life After Amy Poehler

Will Arnett

It's been one of those up-and-down years for Will Arnett.

After a few sitcom missteps, Will Arnett has his biggest TV hit since Arrested Development with The Millers, which was just renewed for a second season. But he's simultaneously seen his nine-year marriage to Amy Poehler fall apart — they're now divorcing after separating in September 2012.

The couple's two sons, Archie, 5, and Abel, 3, remain his No. 1 priority, and this August he'll star in a movie they can enjoy: a new version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

YourTango: What activities do you do with your boys?
Will Arnett:
Everything. We love to get outside, go to the beach a lot. We just finished tee-ball season with my older son, which was a great success. I was assistant coach. I think I'm more upset about it being over than he is. We had a big end of year party yesterday. The kids really love it so it's been a great thing.

YourTango: You're a hiker — do you take them with you?
Will Arnett:
No, they've gone a couple times but they get tired early on, and I end up having to carry one or both of them back. 

YourTango: Do you see yourself in them?
Will Arnett:
Yeah, I do. It's always funny to notice things and say, 'I did that!' They each have familiar traits, you know.

YourTango: Do they show any signs of having showbiz inclinations?
Will Arnett:
Oh gosh, they're so little. But I think all kids when they're really little have an inclination for show business. It's just that they're so uninhibited at that age. We'll see.


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