7 Guys Reveal The Sexy Lingerie Styles That Make Them Swoon

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Albeit reluctantly, we went there ... and were (for the most part) relieved at what we found.

It's National Underwear Day! To celebrate, we asked guys what they really hope you mean when you say you're going to "slip into something more comfortable"...

1. "I'm personally not big on thongs. I prefer underwear that reveals just enough to tease without giving away too much." - Brad, 29

2. "Nothing too complicated. Lace or sheer because it leaves something to the imagination, but you can still see the silhouette of the curves." - Kevin, 26

3. "High stockings are always a hit." - Evan, 29

4. "I like a matching sexy lace bra and underwear, but no thongs... I prefer those booty shorts." - Dustin, 28

5. "I like it when she [my fiancee] wears t-shirts (and nothing else)..." - Shawn, 33

6. "Booty shorts and high socks get me dead" - Chris, 27

7. "Who has time for lingerie? Just give me a long t-shirt and panties." - Paul, 30





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