9 Ways We Wrongly Judge Parents — Until We Have Kids


mother breastfeeding
Before you have kids, it's easy to judge.

The other day, a mom friend posted on her Facebook wall about how she had finally done it, she had let her son pee in the bushes at the playground. There wasn't time to find a bathroom. There wasn't a bathroom nearby. So, what to do if you have a kid doing the pee pee dance and a babe in your arms (she has a 10-month-old too) needing milk? You find the closest swatch of shrubbery and you let your son do his business.

Her choice that day is one I would have COMPLETELY judged (major eye rolls and sighs) pre-kids. But post-kids, I TOTALLY get it. In fact, I high five her for it.


Here's my list of those major parenting judgments I made (probably in poor taste) before I knew what it felt like to live with two small goats all day long.

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