10 Things We Learned About Relationships From MBC Reality Stars


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What can you learn from these broken relationships being put to the test?

Relationships take work – sometimes a lot of work.  As powerful as love is, it's not always enough. And there's no show on TV that showcases this better than WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp.

As the name implies, the intensive program is devoted to saving marriages from destruction through difficult challenges, exercises and help from experts. And beginning May 30 at 9PM, the show’s relationship experts are tackling a new kind of couple: reality TV duos.


These relationships have evolved on camera for the world to see (and critique) on shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor -- but this time they're focused on repairing their bond. Ultimately, they will decide if their relationship is worth saving.

What can you learn from these broken relationships being put to the test? Check out some of the biggest things we've learned from Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars below.

1. Relationship Problems Occur At All Stages.
Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars not only reminds us that no couple is perfect but it's also a refresher that couples who are at all different stages can benefit from kicking their relationship into shape. On the show, the boot campers range from newly engaged to married for 17 years. 

2.  Relationship Problems Come In All Shapes And Sizes.
There’s no special formula for what types of conflicts will really take a toll on the relationship.  And as we see from Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, the issues that are destroying (or preventing) marriages run the gamut from infidelity and communication issues to intimacy problems. What destroys one couple may not destroy another.

3. Affection Is Crucial At Every Stage Of Your Relationship.
Affection, or the lack of it, is a common theme among the reality TV couples trying to fix their relationship -- and rightly so. Affection makes your partner feel valued. Whether you’ve been together for two years or 20, small, affectionate gestures go a long way in strengthening your bond.

JWoww feels that Roger shows no affection, while Trista is saddened by the fact that she always says "I love you" to Ryan first and that he's just saying it back out of necessity.  Kevin wants his wife (Traci Braxton) to show the same affection she shows her family for him.

Marriage Boot Camp reminds us that affection is always appreciated in a relationship no matter how comfortable you are with each other or how long you've been together.

4.  How You Handle Tough Situations Matters.
While the good times are what you may focus on– and possibly what keeps some couples together – how you work through hardship matters just as much. It’ll speak volumes about your future together.

5.  Infidelity Doesn't Have To End A Relationship.
Thought an affair was the ultimate marriage-killer? It's not always the case, as Marriage Boot Camp reminds us. Two couples on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars cited infidelity as one of the issues they were working through in their marriage.

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