Mark Cuban Gives Couple Dream Wedding After Cancer Struggle

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Watch the video of them talking about how Mark Cuban changed their lives.

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban decided to take a break from putting entrepreneurs in the hot seat and talking numbers to do some good! Turns out that the Dallas Mavericks' owner not only wants to invest some of his billion dollars into small businesses but he likes to invest it in giving struggling people a wonderful day. In this case it's a couple's wedding day!

Monica and Leroy Wilkinson have been through ovarian cancer, multiple miscarriages and having a stillborn daughter. A lot of their life-savings have been drained due to paying medical bills. They still hoped to have a great wedding day, and reached out to charities to help make it happen. No one was able to help, but one day their luck turned around when they got a phone call from Mark Cuban's assistant.

Find out more and watch footage about them talking about their wedding: Mark Cuban Paid For This Couple's Wedding After Cancer Wiped Out Their Life Savings


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