Cuteness Overload! Olivia Wilde Gushes Over Baby Otis (Photo)

Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis

These two hilarious actors can add 'great parents' to their bios!

Actress Olivia Wilde is well-known for her talent and for her extremely good looks. And Jason Sudeikis is a comedic actor who totally cracks us up every time.

Together, these stars can add a new job description to their resumes: mom and dad! Olivia gave birth to one of the cutest little baby boys known to mankind, Otis. As her fans, we've been waiting with great anticipation for their chance to glimpse the bundle of joy! That time has finally arrived. Be warned: these pictures will make your heart melt. 

What do you think of baby Otis? Did you say, "awwwww"? 

Click here to see ADORABLE pictures of baby Otis!



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