How BodyTalk Broke My Bad Love Pattern for Good: Part 2


How BodyTalk Broke My Bad Love Pattern for Good: Part 2
Replacing the bad love pattern with the good keeps your heart open

Understanding men was not the problem. The problem was I only understood them if they were in the safe zone of being like a brother or father figure, regardless of their age. My first forays into healing my heart with BodyTalk began with Heather Strang’s series on Manifesting Love, the Romance Matrix, Align with True Love, and Become A Love Magnet series. Each session chipped away at the iron curtain fortress around my heart until the encore BodyTalk event she held in March 2013 aptly titled “Understanding Men”.

Prior to “Understanding Men”, I had individual BodyTalk sessions with Shelley Poovey and Lyn Delmastro, around the time they too were experiencing higher levels of blissful love in their lives. Whatever was resonating among the three BodyTalk goddesses in my life (Heather, Shelley, and Lyn) clearly was preparing me for a heart test in spring.  It was during a session with Lyn that the emotional residue of my first love experience with Patrick first came to surface. What was interesting for me was that I thought it was done. Not only had Patrick and I finally cut ties as adults but thanks to EMDR the thought of him generated no response from me. Furthermore, in 2013 when I had participated in Debi Berndt’s “Engaged In A Year” program, Debi had brought up Patrick and her work as a hypnotherapist really did clear him out. So I thought.

What was left to address through BodyTalk when it came to my first love’s emotional legacy were the fragments of locked feelings in my emotional body. There is a theory that our physical body holds the memory of trauma just like muscle memory can remember maneuvers performed over and over again. Whatever the case, Lyn had identified the stuck places in my emotional body that held pieces of an old heartbreak. By resetting the beliefs that resonate with old wounds, and do not serve us, BodyTalk sets in motion a return to our real selves.

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