What You Never Knew About (Just Engaged!) Donnie Wahlberg


It's official: Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are engaged!


TV queen Jenny McCarthy announced her engagement to boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg on The View today (April 16). Somewhere, we hope her ex Jim Carrey is smiling. Whatever the case, McCarthy has bagged herself a New Kid on the Block, an actor, and the big brother of one Mark Wahlberg. We hope she makes plenty of cameos on Wahlburgers as part of her initiation into the family. It's only fair.


So Donnie, Donnie, Donnie! What a hunk.

He made ladies of the '80s swoon as a member of boy band New Kids on the Block. He enjoyed post-NKOTB success as an actor. He is still a NKOTB and is now a FOJM — fiancé of Jenny McCarthy. What other critical details do you need and want to know about This Donald, as opposed to The Donald? 

Strap yourself in and find out! We've assembled all the key facts you need to know about the man who will make an honest woman out of the funny gal:


1. He is the eighth of nine Wahlberg siblings. His younger bro? Oh, just this guy Mark. Ever hear of him? The youngest Bros. Wahlberg clearly got the lion's share of the acting and singing DNA, it'd seem.


2. He is an avid online poker player. Games, games, games. Anyone remember that hook from the NKOTB song?!


3. He narrated a Boston Celtics documentary, dubbed The Association: Boston Celtics. Donnie is, was and always will be Boston Strong. Ballin'.


4. You probably "saw" him in the Saw film franchise and horror film series, since he has appeared in Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV and Saw V.


5. Full name: Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr. He was named after dear old dad, who was a Teamster, despite having several older brothers. Donnie has two sons, Xavier and Elijah, with ex-wife Kim Fey.


6. He was the first member recruited for New Kids on the Block at the tender age of 15. The Svengalis who put the band together were impressed by his rapping and dancing skills, so they hired him.


7. His new fiancee actually chased him. She gave him her number, but he didn't call. She gave it to him again. He didn't call again. Clearly, since they plan to get married, he eventually called! Good things come to those who wait, ladies.


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