How Do Men React To A Woman's Catcalls? One Journalist Finds Out


Can men take what they dish out?

If you are a member of the 'fairer sex', chances are you have probably been catcalled at least once in your life. For decades, women have put up with sexist behaviors from men in their everyday lives. What if the roles were switched and men were on the receiving end of sexism instead? Leah Green, a video producer from The Guardian decided to find out. The results are, simply put, amusing.

Green went around London to places like bars, malls, and the streets to see how unsuspecting men reacted to her sexist comments and inappropriate behavior. In one case, she asked for a lap dance from a bartender after she purchased a drink. In another, she asks groups of men if they have ever made out with each other. Watch this video to find out how the men reacted to these real-life sexism examples taken from The Everyday Sexism Project.


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