Six Steps For a Successful Trial Separation


Six Steps For a Successful Trial Separation
A trial separation could be the best thing for you and your spouse.

Has your marriage been a little underwhelming or tense lately? A trial separation an be an effective tool in rebuilding a relationship on the rocks. Ensure a successful period of separation by following the steps to come to a decision about staying married or not.

1 Set Boundaries

In The Beginning Clear rules are necessary to know how to behave in a difficult situation. Discuss if dating is okay, and strict limitations if so. Do not wait until one person has already moved out to try to set boundaries for how to act separately. Worrying that the other person is getting involved takes too much emotional focus away from the couple.

2 Commit To Therapy Sessions

Working through issues when it comes to a point of a couple debating divorce requires professional guidance. A trial separation indicates that things are not working but there is still a level of love between the two people. A counselor can take an non-objective perspective and provide advice on how to rebuild the marriage.

3 Do Not Jump Right Back Into The Relationship

Depending on the length of the marriage, it can be an old habit to come running back too soon. Decide on a date to get together and discuss things a few weeks from the initial separation. Otherwise, it is easy to repeat the same mistakes with one another.

4 Be Clear About Financial Arrangements

Committed adults typically have a set understanding of how to meet financial responsibilities within the home. Separating means new expenses, including a second living space with its own bills. No one deserves to struggle or get into a negative financial situation that may influence restoring the marriage for the wrong reason.

5 Limit Your Availability To One Another

Although you are not single, you should not spend every night speaking to one another during a trial separation. Do not answer every phone call or text, even if you are not actually busy. Create the opportunity to miss one another to get a clear idea of how things would be if a divorce was real.

6 Prepare For The Worst

The hesitation to decide on a divorce may go away if both people feel happier without the relationship. During the separation, work on yourself as though you are going to be back on the dating scene. Make adjustments for becoming self-sufficient and dividing assets up fairly. Do not be caught by surprise if things do not work out after the separation.

Recovering from a broken marriage is not an easy thing to go through. A trial separation is considered a rehearsal for divorce. Stick to the guidelines to ensure a successful separation, whether the marriage works out or not. Information credited to J. Scott Gunn, P.A., Family Law Attorney, Fort Lauderdale.


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