Love Captured: A Stunning Photo Contest Out Of Britain


Ten images to change the way you look at love.

In celebration of their five-year anniversary, eHarmonyUK recently ran a photo contest asking for images that captured the spirit of love. Whether it be a photo of a couple in love, or something as simple as a sunset, eHarmonyUK's Love Captured judges wanted to see it. Here are the top ten photos, which are sure to melt your heart and make you see love just a little bit differently.


1st place, Lee Jeffries

2nd place, Joann Randles

3rd place, James Appleton

4th place, Samantha Millar

5th place, Jolanta Macionczyk

6th place, Piotr Lipski

7th place, Kate Barry

8th place, Reema Sharma

9th place, Maresa Smith

10th place, Sharif Islam

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