Try This Spring Date Night Look We Love: The Greek Goddess

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Get inspired for a much more romantic look this Spring.

The Greeks pioneered many technological, cultural and philosophical advancements in their time. Without them, we wouldn’t have democracy, mathematics or astronomy (where would we be without our monthly horoscope!). Given such great contributions to human existence, their style sense seems almost miniscule — but nonetheless impactful. Pleats, sandals of all varieties and, in particular, one-shoulder dresses can be traced back to Greek traditions.

Though many other early cultures — like Native Americans and Egyptians — have shown a penchant for one-shouldered ensembles, the Greeks imparted a sophisticated casualness that still exists today. A piece of fabric draped across the body — revealing a flash of skin —encourages a feeling of subdued sexuality. Whether it is at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party or at the beach, this style is adaptable and fits into all situations.

See the dresses here: Go Greek This Spring With One-Shoulder Dresses

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