Angelina Jolie To Have (More) Preventive Breast Cancer Surgery

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The actress had a tough decision to make.

In an effort to avoid the risk of getting breast cancer, actress Angelina Jolie has decided to undergo surgery again (Jolie underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in 2013 after being told that she had a 87% chance of developing breast cancer). In a New York Times op-ed ("My Medical Choice."), Angelina Jolie spoke about the internal struggle she faced when deciding to have the incredibly invasive procedure done.


We love the fact that Jolie was able to speak so openly about her experience, consequently becoming the voice for other women who are faced with similar struggles. We'll definitely be rooting for a speedy recovery!

Check out what she had to say over at Huffington Post Celebrity: Actress To Have Another Procedure To Prevent Disease

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