'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie Shares Details About Her Wedding

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie
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Exclusive! "It's going to be a big wedding, outdoors at sunset at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch."

The drama-filled second season of Bravo's restaurant reality show Vanderpump Rules recently wrapped, but Scheana Marie has plenty to keep her busy before things heat up at SUR again.

The 28-year-old is simultaneously planning singing appearances and her July wedding to fiancé Mike Shay, and she brought us up to date on everything at Kathy Duliakas' Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party.

YourTango: How do feel about the second season of Vanderpump Rules, now that it's over?
Scheana Marie: I think it went really well. There was a lot of drama. But it was good.

YourTango: What were the best and worst things about it?
Scheana Marie:
My engagement was the best part for me. I didn't like the way I was portrayed in the first few episodes. They made it sound like I had all these problems. I had a couple of injuries over a year and a half but you're seeing that week after week; so it's like one week it's this, one week it's that. But we have no control over the editing.

YourTango: How have you felt about the fame aspect?
Scheana Marie:
It's different. It's fun. People come every day to see us and take pictures.

YourTango: Are the relationships portrayed accurately?
Scheana Marie:
It is what it is. It is how it happened. Our show isn't scripted.

YourTango: How are you getting along with everyone now?
Scheana Marie:
I don't speak to Stassi [Schroeder] at all. Jax and I are great friends, Kristen [Doute] and I are good, Katie [Maloney] is cool. I pretty much get along with everyone.

YourTango: What will you be doing until filming starts again?
Scheana Marie:
I'm going to be traveling a lot over the next few months doing performances at clubs.

YourTango: Do you have a career game plan?
Scheana Marie:
For now I'm enjoying doing the show and performing music, but eventually I'd like to get into hosting entertainment news. That's my dream job.

YourTango: And what's going on with your wedding?
Scheana Marie:
A lot of planning. It's in July. We got engaged last July so it'll be a year. The show didn't air for six months so we couldn't talk about it.

YourTango: We want details: location, how many guests, your dress.
Scheana Marie:
We have over 300 so it's going to be a big wedding, outdoors at sunset at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch. My aunt is a wedding dress designer and she's designing my dress ... And we're doing a candy bar from Dylan's. I hate cake. I think it's such a waste of money. By the time you get to cake at a wedding, everybody's dancing and nobody cares. We're going to do a tier of cake pops. Grabbing a cake pop is easier. KEEP READING FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT SCHEANA'S SUMMER WEDDING!

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