Spread The News: Wife Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband In Ad


Sayonara, cheater! See Timeshia Brown's hilarious post in the local paper.

Thought there wasn't any value in newspapers anymore other than to acquire coupons? Think again. One woman decided to take to her newspaper in order to get some sweet revenge for his cheating ways!

There are many ways to deal with a cheating husband. You can get even or get leaving — or some combination of the two. Timeshia Brown certainly got even in her case by unexpectedly congratulating her husband in the paper that many people locally could see. It's definitely a move you want to make if you know for sure that you are going to leave your cheating husband.

The short, but effective message has made it to the internet on sites like Reddit. Of course, many of the users are on team Timeshia. But whose side are you on? 

Find out what Timeshia posted here: Wife Gets Sweet Revenge on Cheating Husband in Newspaper Ad (PHOTO)

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