This Just In: Here's The Secret To A Happy Marriage Later In Life


Regardless of age, this is key to your relationship — and your happiness.




Marriage may not get easier, but the problems you face maybe different down the road. In old age, one of those problems can be health problems, and that can seriously affect a relationship. Stress about medical bills, dealing with your own and your partner's unhappiness or physical stress from being unhealthy, the list goes on. But now, a brand new study shows what can keep older couples happy. Sex.

University of Chicago's Center of Demography and Economics of Aging in Illinois found that it's important for older couples to stay sexually intimate in order to protect the quality of their marriage. 

The findings came from analyzing data from 732 "couple units" which included 1,464 individuals between the ages 65 and 74 years old. They then found that sexual frequency is related to the quality of their relationship.

"Wellbeing in older age incorporates both psychological and physical wellbeing, as well as sexual wellbeing, which can occur at the intersection of those two," Amelia Karraker, a postdoctoral fellow at the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor told

Couples that reported averaging to one sexual activity per month increased their marriage quality after increasing the frequency of jumping into the sack.

The one hole in the research, however, is that it doesn't prove that the decrease of sexual activity also decreases marital quality. Perhaps it's that they don't know what they're missing?

Either way, it just proves that sex is key to your relationship's happiness —  and that's one thing that'll never get old.

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