Last Minute Date? How To Get Sexy In A Matter Of Seconds


With tips from a makeup artist!

Heading out for a date after a long day out-and-about has its dilemmas. You can either reapply your makeup or make sure your products last through the entire day. That leaves the morning question: do you go natural for the office or bold for the date after? Finding a balance between the two where you don't look drab for your date but also don't look vampy at work isn't as hard to achieve as it may seem.

I posed this challenge to Xander, a makeup artist at PUCKER, a makeup studio in Manhattan that offers personalized, professional makeup applications. (The studio opens on February 1st, so mark your calendars!) The look he gave me was simple — definition around the eyes, but light eyeshadow and soft lips. His vision was to brighten and draw focus to the eyes with minimal makeup that would last all day. Here are some takeaways to try it yourself:

Layer on the Liner
After a ten-hour day, the first thing to go is the eyeliner. That's why Xander applied three coats, starting with pencil liner. First he drew on dashes along the waterline to create a perfect line across the eye. Then he filled in the line with another coat of pencil liner. To keep the line in place, he finished with a light coating of cream liner. With the right cream, it won't smudge. My personal favorite is Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. It won't smear seconds after application.

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